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Where and how can newly married couples get credit?

Undoubtedly, making a decision to marry your lover is just as difficult to cover the huge amounts of expenses that start after this decision and are never-ending. A large list of expenditures ranging from engagement tray, bridal pack, bald hair, wedding dinner, honeymoon, henna, chocolate, and food processor comes out to the couples, starting with the single stone ring taken during the marriage proposal.

Although according to our traditions and traditions, some wedding and marriage expenses cover the girl’s side and some marriage expenses, the male side may need to go to banks separately or together to meet the expenses of those who are on the list of inexhaustible needs.

While state-sponsored loans and interest-free wedding loans, which are among the most beautiful news of 2016, have passed from ear to ear, we have conducted a small research on how newly married couples can get credit.

How to Get a State Supported Marriage Loan?

How to Get a State Supported Marriage Loan?

In order to get a state-sponsored marriage loan, you must first comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies listed below:

Couples who want to get married must be between 18 and 24 years old (university graduates have extended their age to 26), Not to commit any of the serious crimes specified in the Turkish Penal Code and not to be convicted of these crimes, Being unable to get married due to financial impossibility.

Turkish citizen couples who comply with all these conditions and want to get married can get 10 thousand Turkish dollars credits without interest and state-supported and without paying back for 1 year. Upon this wedding loan, which should be repaid within a maximum of 4 years, the marriage loans of couples who have children in the first year after marriage can be postponed for another year. Citizens who have stayed in orphanages or state dormitories can repay the loan for 2 years.

In order to apply, the couples who are thinking of getting married and want to get married in accordance with the conditions mentioned above should go to bank branches.

My Options For Getting Other Marriage Loans And How Can I Apply?

My Options For Getting Other Marriage Loans And How Can I Apply?

If you do not comply with the marriage loan conditions provided by the government without interest, many banks also have support loans in case of marriage. Within the scope of the 10 thousand dollars marriage loan provided by the state, you can benefit from the support of up to 40 thousand dollars from Good Credit Bank.

There are two ways to apply for this loan. If you want, you can get your loan by opening a marriage loan dowry account or in the form of a general-purpose loan. You can get interest-free marriage loans by applying to Good Finance, Good Lender Bank and Good Credit Bank, which are state-owned contracted banks, by choosing the most appropriate reimbursement option.

In addition, many other banks, under the name of wedding loans, have suitable and low-interest loan package options. It is worth remembering that these loans generally start in May and end towards the end of September.

If you or your partner do not comply with the above-mentioned conditions, for example, if you are above the specified age limit, you can directly request a loan from the banks. If you have an insurance that has been active for at least 2 or 3 months, you have a proof of monthly income, you can quickly get your credit and use it at your wedding expenses without much effort.

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