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Take out an online loan for your company: everything you need to know

Are you ready for the next step with your company, but do you only use your own money? Then it often takes more time to realize your plans. It is a dilemma that many entrepreneurs encounter: are you growing with your own money or are you attracting borrowed capital?? Successful companies can often respond more quickly to opportunities thanks to external financing. Many entrepreneurs have already preceded you with simple online borrowing: arrange it in your own time and without a business plan. Are you curious about how you can easily take out an online loan ? In this article you will read everything you need to know: how you determine your financing needs, which documents you need and which steps you take for a financing application.

Do you want to determine your financing requirement? Prepare a financial plan

Do you want to determine your financing requirement? Prepare a financial plan

Calculate your financing requirement by drawing up a financial plan. This way you find out what you want to invest in and how you are going to finance it. The financial plan consists of a number of components: your investment, operating and financing budget:

  • Start by drawing up an investment budget: an overview of the long-term investments that are required to achieve your goals.
  • Then calculate how quickly you recoup these investments: the operating budget. Do you purchase a machine how much more can you produce and sell with it? Make an estimate of the expected turnover and costs for the coming period. If you have made a forecast of your turnover and costs, you can also calculate the expected profit based on these figures.
  • Then map how you pay for the investments with a financing budget. Do you use your own resources, private assets or debt? Finally, you analyze your future cash flow: the cash flows in a certain period. In a growth phase your costs are often higher than the income, so it can be useful to borrow extra.

Take out a loan online in 5 steps

Take out a loan online in 5 steps

1. Verify your company details
Start your application by creating your personal profile. We collect your business data from the Chamber of Commerce. You check if the data is correct and you go to the next step.

2. Share the annual figures and credits and debits from your business account
In order to be able to make a personal customized offer, we need extra information. Make sure you have the credits and debits of your business account and your most recent annual figures at hand.

Why do we need these documents?
We use your credits and debits to assess the creditworthiness of your company. Based on your annual figures, we can analyze how your company is doing financially. For example, we look at your turnover, profit, whether you have other debt and whether your company has outstanding loans. Would you like to know in advance whether you are eligible? Then read whether you meet our most important loan conditions.

3. Receive a customized offer
Do you meet our conditions? You receive a customized offer. You see exactly what the possibilities are for your company, how much you can borrow and on what conditions. Accept your offer and provide additional information.

4. Upload additional documents
Have you accepted our offer? Complete your application. We ask you to upload your final annual statement in PDF format and your transaction overview for the past month. In a number of specific situations, we will ask you for additional documents during the application process. Have you supplied everything? Then we do a manual check within 1 working day and you will hear if you can get a loan.

5. Complete your application and receive financing
You will receive an email that your application has been approved. Complete your application. You sign the contracts online, identify yourself and give the authorization. Did everything succeed? We will let you know as soon as you can start paying out your financing.

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