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Saving energy in our home even in summer

Cooling your home can be done without air conditioning . In the summer, it is best to ventilate at dawn during the warmest periods. During the day, close the windows, pull in the curtains, or even lower the blinds to keep the cool feeling.

You can also take great steps forward by insulating the house

You can also take great steps forward by insulating the house

As the heat will not escape through the walls and roof in winter. If you would like to have air conditioning at home, you can buy an air conditioner for 200-300 thousand forints. Choose A ++ Energy Saving Device!

Make your garden environmentally friendly!

Make your garden environmentally friendly!

There are also a lot of things we can do for the Earth with environmentally conscious solutions and, of course, we can even save as a bonus. By collecting rainwater, for example, you can set aside the irrigation fee for more important things . In the garden, you can protect your plants from drying out by mulching, which even suppresses weeds. Instead of spraying, use pellets and pheromone traps to wage war on pests.

You can protect against annoying bloodsuckers with natural essential oils like eucalyptus or lavender instead of harsh chemicals that do not harm the environment or your body.

You can also use lemongrass, which you can place in pots on the windowsill to keep mosquitoes away.

Vegetables, fruit peel, cut grass and tiny twigs should land in the trash compost rather than in the garden compost, and over time you can gain nutrient-rich land that your plants will thank for.

Prevent wasting!

Prevent wasting!

In the apartment, make sure that only the room you are in is lit, and sometimes you can tax the eco-friendly evening with a cozy, candlelight evening.

The Internet is an almost inexhaustible repository of ideas for recycling. You can give away or sell your old clothes and belongings by organizing a garage sale or online auction.

Environmentally and health conscious thinking is the foundation of a green house. If you can, use natural, degradable building materials. Today you can create a little oasis on a city balcony or on the roof, but it is a great idea to run the whole house with wild grapes or ivy, which provides not only beautiful but also extra insulation.

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