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Fast credit from 20 years

Fast credit from 20 years is a type of fast credit available to every resident of Latvia. And start a business or buy the things you need.

Fast credit is a way to get money

Fast credit is a way to get money

The credit institutions that offer borrowed loans from the age of 18 are Gedosa Credit. But from the age of 20 you can borrow from Blendosa Personal Loan, Bundosa Loan, Kelly Personal Credit, Ondo and others.

They are expressed as an annual percentage of the total amount of the loan, including the credit granting commission, excluding any total cost of the credit to be paid by the credit company for any default under the credit agreement, calculated in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers Regulations as set forth in the Special Terms.

Blendosa Personal Loan offers unsecured borrowing if the borrower is over 20 years of age and has a stable income and at least € 250 after other loans and no significant overdue debts to other banks or credit institutions. However, Blendosa Personal Loan will evaluate each application individually.

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Bundosa Loan offers to borrow from 20 to 75 years. The loan amount offered for borrowing is from 50 € to 425 € with the option of extending the term. In order to receive a loan, you must be a permanent resident of Latvia who has no overdue loan payments and has an account with a Latvian bank and has an active mobile phone connection. No documents are required to receive Bundosa Loan.

Gedosa Credit offers to borrow from € 10 to € 3000 for up to 24 months, from 18 to 70 years. In order to receive a loan, you must be a citizen of the Republic of Latvia or a permanent resident of Latvia with an indefinite permit. The Applicant may not have any outstanding Gedosa Credit credits at the time of application. Gedosa Credit grants a loan based on the assessment of each client’s solvency.

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